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Luxury Interior Design Includes Modern Bench Seating for Style & Function

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The contemporary interior design style is alluring because it offers function, elegance and timelessness. The clean, basic lines of modern furniture design complement any aesthetic and ensures that these pieces serve as classic additions to any space. With hundreds of color, style, and size combinations, we can offer a bench that will blend seamlessly into any existing space, or provide a bench to serve as an inspiration piece to begin your design project. When selecting a bench to be used in a sitting area, stick to the golden rule of 24 inches of length per seat. This will provide a comfortable area for each guest using the bench. Try flanking a sofa with two benches, or pairing one bench with a pair of chairs for a balanced and inviting entertainment space. Try leaving room on each side of the bench so guests can decide which direction to face. Keep in mind the preferred direction may change based on the size and nature of your gathering, so design pleasant sightlines from each possibility.

Another great use for a bench is placing it at the food of the bed. In this case, the length of the bench should be at least 4 inches shorter than the width of the bed. If you select a bench longer than this rule, keep an eye out for stubbed toes when making your way around the bed. Another bench spot in the bedroom is the closet, when space allows. Mornings become that much more relaxed when there is a clear space to put on lotion, socks, hosiery, or shoes.

Benches at the table offer a more versatile seating option than traditional chairs. Dining benches should have ample cushion to ensure comfort over extended periods of time. You may find that extra guests fit at the dinner table with benches compared to chairs. Benches can also imply a more casual atmosphere, so guests will be inclined to

Entryways and foyers are iconic bench territory for good reason. They will function as a helpful place to carry out the gritty details of leaving the house, such as putting on shoes and gathering up the kids. Benches are supremely useful at the back door as well, for similar reasons.

Create your own reading nook by tucking a bench into a corner with a floor lamp and some shelving or even a basket of books. Add your favorite throw and endure rainy days in style. This setup also works wonderfully facing a fireplace or a big window.